Today in Sephardic Jewish History

Presented here is a series of calendars embedded with historical dates and facts, well researched and presented as an original project of the ISFSP. As this calendar represents a potential future printed project, footnotes have been stripped away for this brief Internet-ready edition. This material is protected by copyright and we state clearly it should not be reproduced on the Internet Site or in print.

Developing a calendar is technically complicated as the Calendar System has changed over the centuries. However, even though the "days" of the week will not be shown (nor if they were would they be accurate) the dates are historically accurate. For the sake of simplicity, the historic events which occurred on the stated dates are represented here in a generic calendar format. The history of the Sephardim is a long and complex one, see. Inasmuch, only a few selected items of Sephardic history are represented here. However, our hope is that these short information pieces will spark your interest to further explore Sephardic history.


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