Praise for the official publication of the ISFSP,
the International Sephardic Journal

Endorsement of the International Sephardic Journal
by the Chief Rabbi of Turkey, Rav Isak Haleva

Rav Isak Haleva




International Sephardic Journal

I am very happy and proud to see that you have accomplished such an important service by gathering Sephardic cultural value.

We should never forget that this culture has contributed much to Jewish history.

Today we need to remember these values more than ever and work hard to pass them into the next generation.

Thank you again and wishing you success,

Best regards,

Chief Rabbi of Turkey

"Both by topic and contribution, this Journal is destined to fill a void in published scholarly research on topics of Sephardic interest...Each and every article is a treasure, an example of the specific expertise of the contributor. Mr. Alfassa has put together a remarkable journal, one that should be on the shelves of every academic library."

-- Marcia Haddad Ikonomopoulos, Director of the Kehila Kedosha Janina museum and president of the Association of Friends of Greek Jewry.


"The articles in this refereed journal are first-rate, well researched, and very balanced in tone. It is, essentially, the equivalent of a small book, but not small on quality. It's a welcome and exciting addition to the world of Sephardic studies, giving us lay people a chance to contribute when we rise to the occasion with a first-rate product. So much material on the net these days is so quickly put together, and often without source information and reliability. Much of it is first-rate too, but discerning fact from fiction can sometimes be difficult. This journal, I strongly believe, starts out with a wonderful imprimatur of reliability."

--Leon B. Taranto


"Judging its geographical scope, it is indeed an international journal that takes the reader from Spain and Portugal, to Greece, Sarajevo in Bosnia, Syria, USA, North Africa, Egypt and Eretz Israel all along its 130 pages. The articles are written by American Jewish scholars but also by South African, Turkish and Bulgaria ones, a point that certainly adds to its internationality and to its high level of research...Especially because the variety of treated communities, everyone will find something interesting in this journal. Congratulations to the editorial team and best wishes for a fruitful future!"

--Mathilde A. Tagger, Co-Author of Guide to Sephardic and Oriental Genealogical Sources in Israel


"The Journal is a much needed and outstanding project which benefits all of us who share and love our Sephardic heritage. Mazel Tov to you and your team. You have excelled far beyond expectations."

--Rufina Bernardetti Silva Mausenbaum


"We consider efforts such as yours to be extremely valuable contributions not only to the body of knowledge related to Sephardic History and culture, but an important element in the preservation and perpetuation of the culture."

--David W. Siman, Director of Education and Past President, Sephardi Federation of Palm Beach County


"Major areas of Sephardic civilization and culture are represented in the pithy articles. The black and red color combination is attractive. The journal's aims are stated, together with publication data and submission guidelines. All in all, a professional journal filling a significant gap in its field."

--Dr. Martin H. Sable, Prof. Emeritus, Univ. of Wisconsin




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