Edwin Black

On Monday November 1, 2004 the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust and the International Society for Sephardic Progress hosted an evening with Mr. Edwin Black, the internationally known author. The event was a success with Mr. Black speaking for near 90 minutes about the intricate relationship between Hitler, the Mufti (the Islamic religious leader from Jerusalem) and Iraq.

He introduced the evening speaking of the western world's growing dependence on oil, and how the country of Iraq was created by western interests after World War I by combining three tribal regions, remnants of the old Ottoman Empire. Mr. Black pinpointed the date when the Islamic Jihad began. It was July 24, 1920, when the League of Nations issued its decree following months of backstabbing negotiations: "Britain would get Iraq and Palestine, the Jewish people would get their homeland, the French would get Syria, and the Arabs got zip."

He explained that the Arab tribes had been led to believe that if they threw off the yoke of the Sublime Porte, they would have a place at the peace table next to Britain and France. Instead, Black said, everybody was double dealing. Under the League of Nations ruling, Britain would get the oil fields in Iraq and a pipeline through Palestine. France would get a pipeline through Syria.

"The Arabs call that day 'The Year of the Catastrophe,' the year the Arabs lost everything," he said. "They wanted national structure. They didn't want Palestine, but would welcome a Zionist state. They didn't want Iraq. They wanted Syria."

Mr. Black also discussed the little known fact that Hitler was involved with the Arab leadership to jointly destroy the Jews living in Iraq. He spoke of the interoperability between the Arabs and the Nazis, both with a common goal to destroy the Jews. He went on to demonstrate that even though the Third Reich was destroyed, the paradigm Hitler created lives on today in the world--manifesting daily (throughout the Arab world) as hatred for the Jewish people.

With local members of the Iraqi Jewish community present, the lecture and subsequent question and answer session became especially poignant. In accord with information Mr. Black spoke of during his lecture, members of Kahal Joseph shared their personal experiences and stories with the audience. It was an educational and emotional experience for all.

Edwin Black and a member of the Los Angeles Iraqi Jewish Community
Edwin Black with Joseph Dabby, President of Kahal Joseph, the prominent Los Angeles Iraqi Congregation
Shelomo Alfassa, Executive Director of the ISFSP with Mr. Black and Rachel Jagoda, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum
Edwin Black with Mrs. Dabby
Edwin Black autographing books for the audience.
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