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The International Society for Sephardic Progress is one of the most effective advocates for the Sephardic Jews in the United States. If you would like statements, analysis, a Sephardic expert or statistics on matters related to the Sephardic Jews, feel free to contact us for an immediate response. We are available to comment on breaking news stories related to the Sephardic or general Jewish community, read. If we cannot assist you, with our worldwide connections, we can locate an expert on the subject matter you need.

ISFSP has been contacted and has provided information to CNN, World Net Daily, the Forward and several other news agencies.

If you are seeking information on what Kabbalah is, please see our official primer and fact sheet on what Kabbalah actually is. This document was produced for the media by an authentic Jewish organization

If you are seeking an accurate description of who the Sephardic Jews are, please feel free to use any of the following, but please credit the ISFSP:

Sephardic Jews have been erroneously been described as almost "any" Jews which are not Ashkenazi, meaning descendant from Eastern Europe and Asia such as Russia. This is a politically correct term, but it is not an accurate one and thus should not be perpetuated. A more accurate statement would read more like the following:

Who are the Sephardim?

The Sephardic Jews make up the second largest division of the Jewish population. The Sephardim have their historic roots in Spain, Portugal, North Africa as well as Mesopotamia and Arabia. They developed and shared common religious and cultural bonds with their fellow co-religionists from the Iberian/North African Atlantic seaboard to the eastern portion of the Fertile Crescent for at least the last 1,500 years. Sephardim have developed and possess a shared relationship based upon unique religious traditions, collective ideals, customs and ethnicity.

Today, Sephardic Jews inhabit all corners of the earth, with large populations living in North and South America as well as France, Turkey and Israel. Smaller populations exist in Amsterdam, Britain and Greece.

Shelomo Alfassa
Executive Director

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