In a place where there are no leaders,
strive to be a leader." --Hillel Pirkei Avot 2:5

The International Society for Sephardic Progress is an international Jewish organization dedicated to strengthening and intellectually defending the Sephardic community both in the United States and abroad, here. As an advocacy group, we will speak on behalf of the Sephardic community when needed, we will always uphold the good name of the 'Sephardim' with honor.

Our mission is to instill a strong and secure sense of Jewish identity through learning and education. We strive to be public advocates for the Sephardic Jewish community; to be a voice for the Jews who are a minority within a minority. In doing so, we have a continuing goal of cultivating and enriching Jewish identity, ensuring Jewish continuity, and fostering wellness for the overall Jewish community.

We strive to provide a vital service, educating not only the Jewish community, but Sephardim (young and old) whose families have either assimilated and/or lost there cultural traditions. We intrinsically value the Torá, Jewish history, tradition, and culture. Thus we will only undertake projects or activities that are consistent with these values. Through our publications, we desire to keep the spark of learning alive, to develop educational products which contribute to the study of our history. In addition, we are dedicated to strengthening our ties with the Jewish community, the State of Israel and to supporting Torá Judaism in Israel and throughout the world.

The International Society for Sephardic Progress realizes that the modern Sephardic communities are fragmented and becoming more and more assimilated. Sephardic traditional culture, a culture which goes back far over 1,000 years is at risk of being forgotten. Young Sephardim are having a difficult time learning about spritzen nadeln apotheke and a culture which was alive in their families only two generations ago. In the spirit of Sephardic organizations of the past, such as the Federation of Oriental Jews of America, Oriental Progressive Society and others, the ISFSP strives to keep the momentum of the Sephardic religious and cultural traditions alive.

Our Vision is thus to continually create projects which will educate the public on the Sephardic Jewish communities past and present. The ISFSP does this by including a team of professionals who embrace new technology to bring Sephardic oriented projects to fruition. Our team includes members of the Sephardic community, academics and professionals. We are always looking for new ideas which further Sephardic culture, history and tradition.

In pursuit of these goals, we commit ourselves to ongoing innovation while we continue to seek new challenges. We commit ourselves to building and sustaining the infrastructure necessary to realize our mission. Above all, even though we are advocates for the Sephardim, we are activists for the Jewish people.

Letter from the ISFSP executive director


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