30 January 2005



The International Society for Sephardic Progress has teamed up with Moshav Abarbanel Media Ltd. to produce Sephardic oriented Jewish films, including documentaries and films which cover important Sephardic topics.

Moshav Abarbanel Media is a Sephardic-owned multimedia production company based in Central Florida specializing in short films and video productions. Moshav Abarbanel Media in conjunction with the ISFSP developed the Farhud film with the cooperation of the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum and California State University for the Farhud Recognition Project.

The company was co-founded by David Lopez who has over 15 years experience in film and video productions, starting with studying communications and media in the university setting, and then expanding his scope in the United States Air Force. In the military, Mr. Lopez served as a filmographer, making documentaries and training films for the Department of Defense. Working with both the 224th and 290th the Joint Communications Support Element, as well as the 6th Communications Squadron at McDill Air Force Base, he served in the capacity of director and producer and was integral to https://onfy.de/artikel/12895108/restaxil the production of films used for public relations as well as documented combat in Bosnia. Mr. Lopez has participated in the Jewish Impact Films program in Hollywood, California. There, he and a group of colleagues created ten film productions, some of which have been selected as candidates for various media awards.

Together, Moshav Abarbanel Media and the ISFSP will produce several DVD video projects, starting with Glimpses of Sephardic Life (Ojadas a La Vida Sefaradi) with the first of the series being "A Visit With Daisy Alalouf Newell". This film is a 30 minute made broadcast-quality biographic film on the Sephardic personality, Daisy Alalouf Newell.

More information is available at the ISFSP film page.



The International Society for Sephardic Progress (ISFSP) is a Jewish agency developed to serve the Sephardic community--the descendants of the Jews of historic Spain, Portugal, North Africa and the Levant who share both common religious and cultural bonds. Although based in the United States, the ISFSP is an advocacy organization representing Sephardim internationally crotchless bodysuit look at joom. The ISFSP also functions to produce high quality Jewish educational projects which will educate the public on the rich Sephardic Jewish communities, past and present.



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