16 November 2003

Twin Terror Attacks in Istanbul


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The International Society for Sephardic Progress extends its heartfelt condolences to HaRav Isak Haleva the Grand Rabbi of Turkish Jewry who's community has experienced two murderous attacks over the last holy Shabbat. The two barbaric bombings, one at Kahal Kadosh Neve Shalom and the other at K.K. Beit Shalom were just more examples of how Jews are being targeted worldwide.

The attack in Turkey was an attack on Klal Yisrael, on all of the Jewish people--as well as all members of civilized society. We offer our prayers for a full recovery to all of the injured, and strength for the family and friends. For those poor souls who have lost their lives, we know there souls shall repose in heaven. Todas las kondoleensias la Komunidad Judia de Turkiya i Hahambashi de Turkiya i el Judaizmo Turko en jeneral. Ke su alma repoze en pas.

Our hearts are heavy with sorrow and frustration over this senseless violent act which has destroyed not only lives of the victims, but their families as well. We call upon the governments of Turkey and Israel to do all they can to swiftly identify and bring to justice these killers.

May their memory be blessed, may their spilled blood and lives be avenged--Baruch Dayan HaEmet, Ashem Yikom Damo.



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