The International Anti-Semitic Report is a newsgroup dedicated to distributing daily news stories about anti-Semitic attacks and incidents around the world. This is the first real-time media monitoring newsgroup to and educate people to hostilities facing the Jewish people around the world. (MEDIA PRESS RELEASE)

The International Anti-Semitic Report exists to serve as a one stop central point where the Jewish and non-Jewish community can learn of the almost daily issues that face Jewish people everywhere. The International Anti-Semitic Report is edited and moderated by joom - cupless lingerie. Stone, and is a service of the ISFSP, a non-profit Jewish organization. This is an international list and all those concerned with the subject matter are invited to participate.

Persons wanting to participate are asked to report incidents (large or small) of:

  • Attacks on Jews and Jewish communities (spiritually or physically);
  • Incidents of defacing Jewish property;
  • Groups enabling or tolerating anti-Semitism - directly or indirectly (i.e. boycotts of good Made in Israel or by Jews or Israeli firms); and
  • Events which will negatively impact Jewish life, freedom and security (mental and physical).

Please contact us if you have any questions about the International Anti-Semitic Report. The homepage to this group is located here. This is an edited and moderated list.All submissions must meet the above request for content to be accepted. This way we can deliver messages in an easily read format that will always remain consistent. This is a one way list, you may post news stories, but it will be a point for distibution, not a discussion list. Thank you.


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