Vijita de Alhad...the Ladino group of Rockville

Leon Taranto, Santos Mayo, Shelomo Alfassa, Judith Roumani, Robert Assa, Ralph Tarica, Rachel Hyatt [front], Rosine Nussenblatt [behind], Donna Saady [back], Ida Dana, and Altan Gabbay. Bension (Ben) Varon also attended, but departed before the photo as taken.

Prior to the event at Magen David Sephardic Congregation on November 14, 2004, Shelomo Alfassa, Executive Director of the ISFSP was invited to visit a Ladino discussion group in Rockville, Maryland for a Vijita de Alhad. The afternoon was spent reading Ladino literature and poetry in a beautiful home where the host Mr. Gabbay served traditional Sephardic foods to the many distinguished guests. It was a splendid afternoon, spent with those who spoke French, Greek, Ladino, Hebrew and Turkish. A warm and pleasant day, the event will be remembered for some time to come.



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